Stamped Concrete Patio

Looking to Break Into Decorative Concrete?

Perhaps we shouldn’t have used the words “break” and “concrete” in the same context, but the fact is that in any new venture, there are going to be pitfalls. The goal is to keep the “breakage” to a minimum. No one goes into something new and exciting expecting to fail, but it’s a fact that proper training can make all the difference between success and failure.

34 years ago, Doug Bannister saw an opportunity in the rapidly-growing field of decorative concrete. The problem was, the concept was relatively new, and he didn’t have anywhere to turn for training. He could have invested in a franchise, but instead he decided to forge ahead on his own. Success speaks for itself – Doug moved from being a contractor in decorative concrete to founding The Stamp Store, and today, SS Specialties Concrete Products has more than 50 distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

If you asked Doug if he’d change anything, he’d probably tell you that there was nothing to change. Training opportunities simply weren’t all that available back in the day, and those that were had a “franchise-specific” element that didn’t appeal to him. He had little choice but to make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Over the years, he improved on manufacturing techniques and construction methods, and finally was able to develop products and methods that set the standard for the industry today.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If there was a mistake to be made or a wrong turn to take, Doug has already done it.

Today, contractors and distributors from all over the world come to the SS Specialties Concrete Products training facility in Oklahoma City to learn how to work effectively with decorative concrete. The standards are high, and the level of training you will receive is second to none.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to meet with others who share your passion for decorative concrete? You’ll be fully immersed in decorative concrete (OK, another bad choice of words), and you’ll learn everything you need to be a leader in the field. Nothing is held back – you can feel free to take pictures, or even record the sessions if you like. Whether you’re a builder looking for new techniques or a distributor wanting to stock SS Specialties Concrete Products, our training sessions will give you everything you hoped for, and maybe a bit more.

To arrange for training at our Oklahoma City facility, call us at 866-906-2006.