4 Options in Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Virginia business owners who wish to create an updated look for their commercial property do not have to completely replace concrete structures to do so. Instead, cracked, unsightly concrete walkways and flooring can be simply resurfaced for a fraction of the cost and time.

Virginia decorative concrete offers a wealth of styles to choose from, whether you select a stamped concrete overlay or a simple stain that adds color without overwhelming the space.  Whether you have since rebranded your commercial style, or you simply want to modernize your look, Virginia decorative concrete is a smart, cost-effective solution. 
A Virginia concrete contractor can offer you a host of solutions to make the interior or exterior of your business look like new once again.  
Types of Concrete Overlays
With a wealth of concrete resurfacing techniques to choose from, there is almost no surface that can’t be given a new lease on life with Virginia decorative concrete options. These overlays can mimic the look of nearly any other material, including tile, marble or even wood. Some of the most common types of decorative resurfacing techniques offered include:
Stamped concrete overlays have become one of the most popular techniques for concrete resurfacing in both residential and commercial projects. Stamps can mimic a variety of surfaces, from brick and cobblestone to marble and tile. However, the concrete used to create these surfaces is typically much more durable and easier to care for than some of these other traditional materials. When the stamp is combined with a tinted concrete, your design options multiply that much more. Stamped concrete is a common choice for outdoor walkways, and it can be used on stairs, as well as any flat flooring surface.
Stenciled concrete overlays allows concrete contractors to take the customization process a step further. Business owners can choose from a catalogue of patterns provided by the Virginia decorative concrete company or have their own designed to reflect their company logo or another individualized pattern. Stenciling may create an entire pattern across the surface of the concrete or make a focal point with a single design in the center.
Concrete that is in relatively good condition can be stained directly, or a stained overlay can be used in the resurfacing process. Stained concrete offers a whole new look beyond the standard grey slab, and the color of the stain can be customized to coordinate with the rest of your business décor. Concrete lends itself well to the staining process because it is a porous material with a naturally neutral tone.
Decorative concrete resurfacing is a great way to give your commercial property an updated look for less. With so many resurfacing techniques to choose from, your Virginia concrete contractor can add class and style to the interior or exterior of your business.


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