How to Remove Paint from a Concrete Surface

Concrete is everywhere — garages, walls, driveways, flooring systems… But when you are knee-deep in a painting job, accidents happen, especially when there are other people and/or contractors around causing distractions. Spilled paint on a concrete surface can cause headaches on any job site, but there are ways to get rid of it. 

A New York surface blasting specialist gives the following advice:

  • Prepare the surface where the paint spill occured. Use a wire brush to loosen up any dried paint.
  • If the paint spill is relatively fresh, try a high-powered pressure washer. This is suitable for paint, but not on heavy-duty coatings or epoxies.
  • If the spilled substance is more industrial-strength, like a concrete coating, try surface blasting. Sandblasting has been extremely effective in the past, but if you are in the New York or Long Island area, you might have a hard time finding a sandblasting professional. Sandblasting is dangerous and some areas will not allow it anymore. Many New York surface restoration companies have switched to soda or other blasting media.
  • A floor grinder, as long as it has diamond wheels, can handle a paint spill. Just be aware that floor grinding might leave scarring and can be a very dusty process for indoors. If you choose this method, wear goggles and a breathing mask.
  • Chemical strippers can also be effective at removing paint from concrete. Just be sure to reference your spilled paint can so that you know which types of strippers are compatible with your paint. And since paint strippers contain harmful chemicals, make sure your area is property ventilated. If you prefer to go the more eco-friendly route, look into soy-based paint strippers.


If you really want the paint removed properly, look into hiring a surface restoration specialist. 

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