Kitchen Concrete Countertops Options

Expressing Design and Artistry in Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Reliable, tough concrete offers a valuable solution when constructing a kitchen concrete countertop. It can provide a creative design that can mimic a variety of natural materials including stone, marble and granite. These countertops can usually be fabricated in a variety of colors in nearly any hue or shade. By adding an additional sealer, the office can be protected making it easy to clean and maintain.

Because they are easy to seal, kitchen countertops fabricated out of concrete are an ideal solution for complementing traditional stainless steel appliances. In addition, they can be created with a more contemporary style, using a variety of inlays or glass aggregate that can be ground down to a smooth, polished finish.

Available Colors
Kitchen concrete countertops can easily be mixed with a variety of tints and colors. In addition, many pre-cast kitchen countertops use a blended aggregate in the concrete mix that is used specifically for durability, strength and aesthetic purposes. The colors can be enhanced by polishing the countertop surface with added wax that is polished to give a high-gloss shine.

Precast and Molds
Most of the available kitchen concrete countertops have been fabricated with the pre-cast mold that was designed to meet the specifics of the customer’s requirements. In addition, these countertops are often poured under strict control conditions to assure that it is formed properly, cured properly, and has the right finish. Alternatively, some fabricators choose to pour or cast the kitchen countertop on-site. They will build the mold off-site, and set it in place on top of the existing kitchen cabinets. They will then fill it in place with blended premix concrete. Both types of fabrication offer a custom-made solution for commercial and residential structures.

Fabricators of concrete countertops use a variety of aggregate colors and stains to create a signature look. They often use their own proprietary mix of available ingredients, along with their own standards and methods for casting the material to achieve the proper surface effects.

Usually, these concrete artisans have an open collaboration with business owners, homeowners, interior designers and architects to create a final product that is personalized.

Available Options
These concrete kitchen countertop fabricators can incorporate angles and curves into its overall design. They can easily customize the shade or colors to match any existing kitchen design element including a fabric swatch, a decorative tile, or even a favorite art piece or dinner China.

In addition, they can incorporate a variety of options including fiber optic lighting, glass chips, or decorative aggregate. Even personal mementos, bottle fragments, broken dishware, tiles, or other personalize items can be blended into the mixture and displayed in the countertop.

Many concrete kitchen countertops are fabricated with built-in drain boards, sinks, trivets and soap dishes to make the piece unique and creatively aesthetically pleasing.

Because this type of material is hand cast, it can be designed to exhibit a variety of subtle textures and colors. The countertop can be embellished with botanical imprints or natural materials including fossils, seashells and decorative stone. The result of a finished piece is only limited by the creative mind of the artisan.