Four Ideas to Dress up Your Home with Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring was once reserved for garages and basements. However, the plethora of decorative finishes available today has moved concrete into many other areas of the home. There are many advantages to choosing concrete over other flooring materials. Concrete is better for allergies than carpet and more durable than wood. What used to be drab, grey and cold is now seen in a rainbow of colors and finishes. Check out four great ways to dress up your home with concrete flooring.


Concrete flooring can add a beautiful, durable foundation to this area of the home. Concrete cleans up easily and holds up to most daily wear and tear better than just about any material. It also absorbs heat from kitchen appliances so the room stays warmer with less energy required. An acid stain can offer a lovely marbled effect that will give this room a classy touch. Stamped concrete allows you to get the look of stone, tile or brick with much less upkeep involved.


Concrete is an excellent choice for the bathroom, because it can easily be poured around bathroom fixtures and holds up well in a damp environment. You can have your concrete dyed or stained to match your bathroom d├ęcor, with even more variation of colors available than you would get with tile or vinyl flooring. A nice feature for a concrete bathroom floor is to install in-floor radiant heat that will keep bare feet nice and toasty even in the coldest months of winter. The smaller area also lends itself well to more intricate techniques like stenciling or engraving to provide a personal touch to this private room.

Game Rooms

The durability and low maintenance of concrete lends itself well to rooms that get a lot of use, like the recreation room that your family always ends up in at the end of the day. Concrete provides easier cleanup than carpet, and the versatility of colors and designs means you can personalize this space into any style you like. While the initial cost of installation might be slightly more than carpet or tile, the low maintenance and durability make concrete a good value for the dollar.

Living Rooms

Concrete may not be your first choice for formal areas of your home, but there are good reasons to consider concrete flooring here as well. Stained concrete offers a plush look for the room, and the wide range of colors allows you to warm up the space as effectively as if you used wood or carpet for the same purpose. You can also add an area rug or two to define areas of the room if you like. A polished concrete floor can be the perfect complement to these dressier areas of your home.

Concrete flooring has gotten dressed up and come indoors in recent years. With a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, it is easy to see why concrete has come to the forefront in flooring for many designer homes today.

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