The Durability of Polished Concrete

Durability, Longevity, Resilience, Beauty. Need more?

Polished concrete is steadily growing in popularity. As products are improved upon, polishing systems become quicker and easier to install, and better performance and results are achieved, this type of finish is definitely here to stay (literally).

The days of having dusting warehouse floors, coating failures and unattractive bare concrete floors are slowly fading. With the advent of large concrete polishing machines, high grade polishing diamond pads, premium liquid surface hardeners and professional polished concrete contractors it is tough to beat the durability of polished concrete.

To explain in layman’s terms, polished concrete ultimately shaves down the surface of the concrete exposing either small sand aggregate on the surface of the concrete or larger peas sized aggregate a little deeper down. These polished aggregates or stones become the final wear surface. That means you would have to wear through rock in order to wear through the surface.

The remaining component of the surface found filling the gaps in between the polished stones is the cement. Industry tested and proven high quality liquid hardeners can be applied to the surface of the concrete during the polishing stage that densify this cement ultimately creating a higher density filling that mimics the hardness of stone. Resulting in one of the most durable finishes in decorative concrete.

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