What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete Polishing: Cement as Smooth as Silk

Just think about a cement floor as smooth as silk and as shiny as glass. Your vision can be achieved with polished concrete. A new wave in concrete flooring is taking off and it involves using industrial grade diamond abrasives to gradually grind, hone and polish concrete until it has a brilliant shine.

Decorative concrete contractors understand this technique and are able to create this useful, functional and durable surface to warehouses, restaurants, homes, schools, churches, nightclubs and retail outlets.

The main advantage of a polished concrete surface over more conventional finishes is that most polished concrete finishes do not use a sealer or coating that sits atop the finish, thereby less damage is done with heavy wear and tear, thereby less maintenance is required.

A big push for decorative diamond polished concrete was from the big box store that included, wal mart, home depot, lowes, costco, and a majority of well know supermarkets across the nation. All of these companies were looking at long term low maintenance floor system while creating a durable floor finish that still looked good. Polished concrete has become that surface.

With the advent of coloration systems and decorative techniques a grey concrete slab can have vibrance and life. New concrete slabs can be integrally colored or have surface color hardeners applied to them during placement to add color to the finish. Although the floor is still ‘concrete’ the new colors and possibilities are able to disguise its true nature.

If simple coloration techniques aren’t enough, experienced craftsman understand unique decorative techniques that have artisans seeding colorful glass, shell, metal and tile into the fresh concrete surface only to be polished and exposed later in the process leaving a unique one of a kind floor finish and design.