4 New Ideas in Concrete Engraving

Concrete has come to the forefront of home design as both homeowners and contractors are becoming more knowledgeable about the versatility of this material. Today’s concrete surfaces are a work of art, thanks to techniques in staining and texturing.

One popular trend in concrete is engraving or etching, which allows the concrete mason to create beautiful designs upon the surface. The addition of color to these designs can create a true focal point for your home. Check out these four new ideas in concrete engraving that will give your concrete surface a whole new look.

Create a Faux Look

If you would like to create the illusion of tiles, bricks or cobblestones on your patio or driveway, consider concrete engraving. This process creates patterns similar to any of these surfaces, but without the unevenness that can result after much wear and tear. A tool is used to engrave lines into the surface of the concrete that resemble the spaces between the stones. The addition of an acid stain will make the effect even more realistic. These surfaces are easy to maintain and quite durable, so you can enjoy your faux brick or tile patio for a lifetime.

Make Shapes

For a modern take on an outdoor living space, engrave geometric shapes and designs into the surface of your concrete. You can leave the entire surface a single color, for a subtle effect. However, the addition of many colors will make your design as bold as you like, for a truly customized look. Don’t limit your imagination to straight lines and right angles. Engraving can also go circular for a whole new palette of patterns to choose from.

Paint a Picture

You can also use engraved concrete to produce a visual for your yard. Like fish? How about a couple engraved on your patio? Prefer sun designs? Most contractors can accommodate your preference. A wide range of designs come in templates for consistency and quality. Ask your concrete contractor for the options he provides. You can customize your surface further by coloring your design in shades to coordinate with your home. Just like a coloring book, only this picture will be durable enough for you to walk and sit on every day!

Personalize your Patio

Some contractors will even let you come up with your own design and create a template to your specifications. You can create a monogram of your family name or use handprints of your kids. When the engraved concrete will be used in an office space, the contractor can often engrave the corporate logo into the lobby flooring. Concrete engraving is an excellent way to personalize a space in high style. Talk to your concrete contractor about whether personalized engraving options are available.

Concrete is a designer’s dream, with unlimited colors, shapes and styles available. By combining the many techniques used to color concrete with engraving techniques, you can create a personalized space that is beautiful and durable. Whether you choose from your contractor’s templates or create your own design, concrete engraving is a lovely way to dress up your home.

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