How to Get Started with Polished Concrete

If you have thought about all possible flooring options for your new building or renovation, and decided polished concrete is the route you want to go, you may be wondering how to approach this overwhelmingly massive project. Contact Perfect Polish to get a quote as soon as possible. 

Perfect Polish is an established concrete contractor in the Norris, Tennessee area that has been successfully pleasing customers with pristine concrete floor work since 1998. Their specialty is polished concrete; and they have many options when it comes to concrete floors, all of which are sure to meet your specific needs for design and efficiency. 

What type of surface are you working with?

The first thing you need to consider as you embark on your new building project is flat work. Perfect Polish’s diamond surface-leveling process, which is employed in their premier floor systems, makes concrete perfectly smooth and ready for polishing. Most buildings are built on a concrete base, which can be used as flooring if it is grinded down and polished, but if that foundation is inaccessible in your home or building, you may need to have new concrete poured. Luckily for you, Perfect Polish has an excellent record of flawless flatwork. Without quality flatwork, your polished concrete floor will not have the smooth continuity that it is famed for. 

Concrete floor design options

With so many design options, you can be sure your polished concrete flooring is a stylish extension of your personality or, in the case of commercial flooring, what your company represents. Perfect Polish will help you choose an aggregate level, whether you want rock exposed or a smooth, simple polish. You can choose to dye or stain your floor to match designs in the space. Perfect Polish even gives you the option of putting in your company’s logo or a personal engraving to make your floor a conversational piece that will last a lifetime.

Choosing Perfect Polish is a big step in the right direction when starting your concrete flooring project. Their polished concrete experts will help you find the perfect design and shine for your space, and efficiently execute your new floor installation. With Perfect Polish, the process will be easier than you ever imagined because of their commitment to cost and time effectiveness.


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