Surface Dyes, Tints and Acrylic Stains

Surface colorations, excluding acid stain, are applied to concrete or cement based surfaces to add color or to shift an existing color. They can be used as highlights or dramatic full tones; they can also be layered to create a natural reactive acid-stain-like color.

Concrete dyes are highly dependant on the application method; they are literal in their application, meaning they look the same dry as they do wet, so what you see is often what you get. The easiest way to describe them is to compare them to a wood stain.

Experienced professionals can mix, match, dilute, layer, or use original techniques to create new and inspiring finishes with dyes and tints. Dyes come in either water-based or solvenated systems, each with its own limitations and advantages. The easiest ways of explaining these systems is individually, so let’s start with concrete dyes and tints...


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