Dyes, Tints and Acrylics

Concrete colors can be referred to as:

Integral, dry shake color hardeners, dyes, stains, tints, pigments, and others

With new products and technologies evolving daily it is becoming difficult to keep up with all of the options available for coloring concrete. Whether it is a subtle natural earth tone, to a vibrant blue aqua color, concrete additives, surface treatments, and coloration methods allow for a wide variety of outcomes. Some methods and finishes include, reactive stains, vibrant dyes, metallic flake and coatings, sparkles, epoxy swirls and the list goes on. Before we send you off on a tangent.

See concrete color basics to learn more about the most common methods used for adding color to concrete.

This section covers Surface or ‘Topical’ Coloration and includes, Dyes, Tints, & Acrylic Stains.

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