Acid Stain FAQ’s

Q: How much does an acid stain finish cost?
A: Price will vary depending on the size of the area, what sealant or coating will be used, and the intricacy of the work.
Generally simple Acid Staining prices will average around $3-7 per square foot, but could change dramatically based on market location and the level of experience and quality of the installer and his products. Fluctuations could go from as low as $2.00-2.50 a foot for a novice or beginner with little experience using entry level products, to a more common average of $3.00-5.00 for experienced installers using better quality systems with superior abilities. Stained concrete can also climb to as high as $20 or more per square foot for very small areas or the addition of intricate patterns, borders, stenciling and custom finish work.

Q: Can acid Stains be used indoors and outside?
A: Yes, but with an exception. Some green acid stain colors do not perform well outdoors and may discolor and fade or darken with time so be sure to ask your professional about exterior usages.

Q: Can acid stain be applied to sealed concrete?
A: Some people think Acid Stain will burn through sealer, paint and debris but this simply isn’t the case. Acid stain will only react to raw unsealed cement based surfaces; always test a small area before attempting a complete application.

Q: How can I get a stained concrete look if my surface has been sealed?
A: There are many ways but will involve either grinding and stripping the sealed surface or resurfacing with a decorative cementitious topping system.