Acid Stain Color and Finish Options

Acid Stain Colors and Finish Options

Acid Stains are generally available in variations of five basic color groups: Blacks, Browns, Oranges, Aged Coppers & Greens – all shades are natural earthy mineral tones.

Acid Stains dramatically highlight and add color to the natural mottling and variations found in concrete. A single application can in fact produce a myriad of tones, swirls, mottling effects and colors.
Although a professional installer will be able to determine to some extent the level of coloration and depth achievable by doing an on site sample, as well as draw from past experiences, even a long time veteran may be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected and dramatic outcome.

The coloration compounds found in Acid Stains are natural elements (metallic salt) and therefore come in natural earthy tones. After choosing a color, the next step is to determine which sealer system should be used based on the level of protection the floor will require depending on traffic and usage.

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