Inspirations from Nature in Home Décor

In an age where technology rules, it’s often hard to find ways to step back and really see the beauty of the world around us. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors or not, what most homes seem to be missing is a touch of natural elegance that calms the spirit and speaks to our souls. If you find that living life in the fast lane is wearing you down, why not find inspiration from nature in home décor? There’s nothing as soothing and relaxing as natural elements and these can be easily added to almost any type of room, no matter what form of interior design you have gone with. From ultra-modern to Early American and anything in between, there are ways to bring the serenity of nature into the home.

3-D Woodsy Wall Hangings

Instead of hanging stock images of nature on walls, why not actually use bits of nature as the artwork? Try hanging a tangled and twisted manzanita branch on a wall you want to use as a focal point. Not only is the branch natural and elegant in form, but you can use it seasonally to add character to the room. For example, at Christmas, you could use miniature lights strung along the branches or in the spring you could weave in lovely spring blooms and foliage. This type of ‘art’ is natural and adds definition to any wall.

Ridding Your Life of Synthetics

Some families have already begun ridding their homes of inorganic décor because they are seeking environmentally safe furnishings. Leather sofas, wood furniture, and 100% organic linens top the list of natural elements devoid of synthetic fibers or materials of any kind. Even bedding has become an issue with environmentally conscientious households because of those synthetic microfibers that are working their way into our rivers and oceans. Not being biodegradable, they are doing untold amounts of damage to the ecosphere.

The Many Uses of Pottery in Décor

Many homes have begun having concrete furniture designed for their homes which can be naturally colored as well. Pottery works well with concrete floors or furniture and also 100% natural. Some people bring life into the home with edible or decorative plants, while others use clay or ceramic bowls as catchalls. In fact, some interior designers say that catchalls are a must because they help to keep rooms neat and tidy, devoid of all those loose odds and ends that simply take up space on counters and tables.

There is an order to nature, something that all the technology in the world just can’t offer. If you want to come home to a place where life is simpler and much more enjoyable, take inspiration from nature. From sustainable materials to the actual elements themselves like plants, branches, rock gardens and water fountains, there are so many ways you can bring the serenity of nature to your home where it’s truly needed in today’s hi-tech, fast-paced world.