Important Information for Builders About Acid Stain

Scheduling and Time Frame

When putting together a construction schedule it is often understood that ‘concrete work’ is performed at the beginning of any project. Concrete Staining is not ‘concrete work’ as much as it is ‘finish work’ and therefore should be scheduled to commence at the painting stage prior to finishing work.

Watch a video on the: Basic requirements for a successful acid stain.

Ensure your decorative concrete installers have uninterrupted access to the floor area for a predetermined period of time to minimize disruptions of the Acid Stain reacting properly with your surface.

Protecting the Finish: Your finished floor requires some level of protection during the rest of construction. Many trades may take a floor for granted and drag heavy equipment across the surface, spill solvents and paints or perhaps accidentally drop a tool from a ladder. The best way to protect your investment is by covering the surface.

There are different levels of protection you may require:

Light Residential – Low Traffic: Place kraft paper (rolled cardboard) over the entire surface making sure not to tape to the concrete itself, some tapes even ‘painters tape’ can adhere to freshly cured sealers and make for undesired blemishes. Tape the paper to itself and then use Masonite or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) to help hold down the paper in doorways and high traffic areas.

Medium Traffic Areas – Light Commercial:Use Kraft paper taped to itself (never to the floor surface) covering the entire area. Use Masonite or OSB over the entire area for complete protection.

High Traffic – Maximum Protection: Use Breathable inexpensive carpet turned upside down, and then cover entire surface with OSB.

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