How to Polish a Concrete Floor

The high-gloss sheen of a polished concrete floor is attractive to say the least, but how is it actually accomplished? The process involves a heavy duty polishing machine and diamond impregnated disks with varying levels of grit. This first step removes minor pits, blemishes, stains and/or light coatings from the floor. For subsequent polishing steps, high grit (1,500 or finer) will be used to give the floor its ultra-reflective shine. The final step in a commercial application will be to spread a polishing compound onto the surface, which will clean any residue that is left behind from the other processes and will leave behind a dirt-resistant finish. After the polishing the concrete floor, other steps and techniques can be used to create the appropriate look, including staining if the concrete was not mixed with a particular color. According to a Perfect Polish representative, “A popular option for adding a decorative element to concrete is acid staining; this look is achieved by adding an acid compound onto the flooring. After this dries, the concrete has been changed to an entirely different color.”
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