How to Lengthen Your Concrete Floor’s Lifespan

Using concrete as the base of your house or patio is beneficial for several reasons – not only is it aesthetic, particularly if using stamped concrete, but it’s also sturdy and durable, meaning it should last a while. However, even though it’s one of the more durable options for building materials, it’s still open to wear and tear, and can eventually become damaged. Proper maintenance of your concrete floor means you can enjoy your build for as long as possible.

Use Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is the perfect way to ensure that when you’ve cured the concrete, it’s kept as hydrated as possible and protected from UV rays and exposure to other elements such as traffic. It also offers more aesthetic qualities than purely curing, as it gives your concrete a more shiny, polished look. This means not only will you be able to enjoy your floor for longer, but your home will feel cleaner and fresher.

Polish Up

Concrete sealer will add a glossy finish to your concrete, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop there. Using a polish or wax on your concrete is a great way to add the finishing touches to your floor, as well as add an extra layer of protection. Although not particularly effective on its own, using it alongside sealer can create some additional support against any scuffing or grime, particularly wear from shoes and feet.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your floor clean is essential, not only to elongate the lifespan of your concrete floor, but also to maintain hygiene and to keep it looking tidy. It’s easy to get stains (especially if you have kids), but furniture such as tables or sofas can scratch the sealant and damage it, leaving it at risk of cracking. It’s important to wash away any dirt or debris as soon as possible, preferably every week. If the floor is outside, using a garden hose, or more favorably a pressure washer, is the most effective tool. If the floor is internal, some dish soap and a broom will do the trick.

Put Some Rugs Down

Using rugs is a great way to protect your floor – adding a physical barrier between your concrete and the environment keeps it out of any immediate harm, and means it will take much longer to be damaged. Again, this is good protection from any wear from furniture, meaning you can rearrange and move things around with peace of mind. Adding rugs is also good not only for comfort, but for a bit of style, too.

Tame the Plants

If you’re using concrete externally, making sure to keep any potential roots, plants or weeds at bay is important. If left unattended, roots can grow underneath the concrete and even push up against it. This would crack your concrete and mean you paying a hefty sum to replace it. To avoid this, try to trim or even remove any roots which are getting a bit unruly.

We hope this has helped you make the most of your concrete floor. Enjoy!