How to choose the right product line for your concrete supply store

If you are a concrete, masonry, or pool supply store but don’t carry a line of decorative concrete products you are missing out on a huge market share.  Decorative concrete is taking off and so is the demand for all the products associated with it.

Decorative Concrete includes all aspects of adding a color or finish to a concrete slab or surface.  It may also include specialty materials to create or resurface countertops, walls and floors.

There are many product lines out there but all products are not created equal.  Anybody can create a product line but it’s the support, customer service, and quality behind the brand that matters.

What good is a product if no one knows how to use it and install it?

Bart Sacco experienced concrete expert and developer of Kingdom Products claims the reason his products are in such high demand is the Tech support and knowledge he offers along with his product line and those who use it.

“A product is only as good as the applicator so making sure the installer is trained, and knowledgeable is key to any successful installation.  I have been training companies in decorative concrete applications for years and the ones who are successful, use a quality product line, attend training and send their crew to training often, and ask a lot of questions when they are not sure about something.  Products change and better technologies come out every week, so keeping up to date is key and this will ensure all installations are successful.

Adding a line of decorative concrete products to your store can be as easy as making a call and setting up an initial order.  Product manufacturers will have, literature, banners, color charts and technical information ready to get you started fast.


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