Types of Grinding and Polishing Equipment

Floor Grinding, Polishing and Honing

When a floor needs to be cleaned, ground, or polished either for a final finish or perhaps preparing it for upcoming color or resurfacing systems, large walk behind or ride aboard concrete grinding or polishing equipment is used. Either with a wet or dry polishing system, diamonds of different shapes and “grits” are used to transform large floor areas, by either adding a shine or getting them ready for decoration, coatings or finishing work. These machines can be used for concrete, terrazzo, marble and granite.

Summary of the different types of Grinding and Polishing Equipment

Grinding and Polishing Machines – Large walk behind or ride aboard grinding machines that can be remote controlled, propane or electric, used wet or dry.
Edge Grinders – Designed to grind and prepare the edges of a room with similar diamonds or pads as the larger machines but able to get right up to the edges and small spaces.
Vacuums and Extraction Equipment – Necessary equipment to have for interior grinding and can leave the room virtually dust free. Pre-separators help to separate the large debris so the filter of the vacuum lasts longer.
Grinding & Polishing Disks – A wide variety of disks and grit sizes to perform a variety of tasks including grinding, polishing, preparing etc.
Surface Prep and Coatings Removal Disks – Rough scraper type blades attached to the underside of these grinders and are ideal for the aggressive removal of mastic, thin-set, glues, epoxies, VCT, and many more coatings and debris on the floor.
Hardeners and Desifiers – Used to seal and harden or densify the surface prior to completing a polished concrete finish. Will often help to seal and quicken the final stages of concrete polishing to provide a lustrous finish.
Generators and Power Equipment – Portable equipment to provide the necessary power to run and operate all the large engines or motors of the polishing tools and vacuums.
Specialty Additives For Polished Concrete:  Using elements like recycled glass in your concrete before placing and finishing it or by ‘seeding it’ into the surface you can create an environmentally friendly finish as well as a beautiful color speck design.  That looks like Terrazzo.