Getting Creative with Outdoor Fireplace Surrounds

Typically, fireplace surrounds are found inside a home, but thanks to the creativity and innovation of JM Lifestyles, you can have your outdoor living space enhanced in the same way. Just imagine hosting a gathering for family or friends where everyone enjoys a beautiful patio complete with a stunning fireplace and surround.

Outdoor Fireplace Surround by JM Lifestyles
Outdoor Fireplace Surround by JM Lifestyles

Because outdoor fireplace surrounds transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary, they have become increasingly popular. Whether designed as a standalone feature, a stunning focal point, or fully functional accent, an outdoor fireplace surround guarantees a one-of-a-kind entertainment and relaxation experience.

Choosing Your Own Aesthetics

Without question, having JM Lifestyles add outdoor fireplace surrounds to your fireplace will create a visual masterpiece while bolstering the value of the home. With years of experience in designing outdoor fireplace surrounds and an extensive library of choices, our artisans can create exactly what you want based on your personal preference as well as what complements your home’s style.

In looking at the list of options, customization, and quality of product and work, you cannot help but be impressed with the outdoor fireplace surrounds created by JM Lifestyles. Virtually any type of surround can be designed. To gain insight into their versatility, consider a few examples of our past work:

  • Standard Surrounds – Designed to fit most firebox sizes, standard surrounds offer a tremendous amount of diversity and a clean aesthetics that can be textured or colored.
  • Traditional Surrounds – Traditional outdoor fireplace surrounds are highly adaptable. You can choose from numerous finishes and colors for a standalone design or, if preferred, have a mantle and/or hearth added for a more traditional fireplace look.

To ensure outstanding results for your new outdoor fireplace, it is imperative that you only settle for the best, which is the epitome of what JM Lifestyles offers. Contact us today to get started.