Garage Floor Epoxy Systems

Garage floor coating systems come in wide range of colors and finishes. There are the basic entry-level systems common in track homes and spec properties. As well as the high-end commercial grade systems commonly found in the more discerning or custom-built homes.

Regardless of the quality factor the basic ingredients are similar. Garage coatings usually consist of an epoxy type coating or product that when applied, is designed to tenaciously bond to a properly prepared surface. Garage coating systems should:

  • Provide light reflective qualities brightening the area.
  • Improve chemical resistance to oils, spills and household chemicals
  • Allow for easy soil release and clean ability.
  • Provide impact resistance for dropped tools and equipment
  • And remain bonded through all temperature extremes.

Although many garage coating systems are marketed for the do it yourself-ers, most heavy-duty premium systems rely on the advanced chemistry of commercial grade products as well as a properly trained professional coating installer. The professional grade products are not readily available to the general public. Most do it yourself products are water based which make them easy to transport or ship, store and use, but the trade off if often the quality, longevity and long-term durability of the system.

Even though the easy to use homeowner systems have come a long way in the past few years, commercial grade systems remain far superior. What makes a professional grade product so much better you might ask?

First the material whether and epoxy or polyurethane is often times more volatile and therefore requires special precautions to be taken during its handling and installation, the products go on thicker therefore require more skill in their application, and finally the products become harder and more durable because of their advanced chemistry.In order for any type of coating system to perform properly, there are basic fundamental rules that must be followed:

1. The product must be rated and designed for your specific use.

  • Resistant to the chemicals that might be spilled, wear resistant for the amount of traffic it will see. And durable enough for the items moving across it.

2. A coating is only as good as the substrate it is applied to.

  • The concrete substrate must be clean, profiled, and ready to accept a coating.

3. The coating must be applied as per manufacturers directions.

  • Don’t unnecessarily dilute the product.
  • Apply the products at the recommended thickness and coverage rates.
  • Apply the product in the right environmental conditions including temperature and humidity.

4. Let the product properly cure before traffic or use.

5. Keep the surface clean and repair any damaged, chipped or spalled areas immediately.