Types of Garage Coatings & Epoxy Sealers

Garage Coatings and Epoxy Sealers

A garage is not just for oil stains and old boxes. It is becoming an extension of the home. Clean, organized and usable space is what todays modern garages have become. It is the functional, easy to maintain, and light reflective garage floor coatings that are leading the way and setting the standard to a complete garage makeover.

Whether its an acrylic, epoxy, urethane, polyurea or polyaspartic; garage floor coatings will never be the same.

Todays technology allows for speedy turnaround systems and highly durable industrial grade systems that previously weren’t available for residential use.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common garage floor and industrial coating systems available.

Polyaspartic – One day coating systems
Recent developments with polyaspartic have resulted in an optically clear coating that needs only an hour or less between coats, even in low temperatures. Polyaspartic coating delivers superior abrasion, chemical and UV resistance with no hot tire pick up. Polyaspartic can be applied in extreme heat or cold regardless of humidity level. Poluaspartic is perfect for indoor or outdoor projects. A leader in Polyspartic is One Day Floors™

Polyurea Systems:
Up until recently Polyurea Coatings were reserved for the industrial market, but with the demand for better, quicker and longer lasting coating systems some companies now offer these systems for residential garage applications. They offer the shortest installation time in the industry with “install today and drive on tomorrow” technology as well as an extremely durable finish. Check out Instadrive Coatings for more details

High Solids Epoxy: These epoxy coating systems have been the standard for years for high end garage and industrial coating and sealing applications. High solids epoxy offer very durable finishes in a wide range of color options and excellent adhesion and chemical resistant properties.

Acrylics & Epoxy Paints:
Acrylic and epoxy modified acrylic paints and coatings are easy to install and ideal for average home and business use. Often times the most cost effective solution and user friendly products.

Color Flake Systems: These systems use a combination of different colored chips or flakes that add a granite type finish or look to a coated floor. The colored chips are applied to a wet primer or color coat and then subsequently locked in with a clean topcoat. Color flake systems can be installed over polyurea, poluaspartic, epoxy and certain acrylic epoxy coating systems.

Colored Quartz: Broadcast onto or blended into the coating material colored quartz gives a unique look and durability to a coating. It adds build, and could offer slip resistant properties as well. these systems are often found in lavatories, bathrooms, food processing plants as well as industrial facilities, and garages.

Crack repair kits:
Used to quickly fill and repair damage

ged concrete prior to the application of the coating system.

Special Effects Colors:
Epoxies, metal flake, sparkle and special effects are possible with specialty coating systems and products.