How To Fix Cracks in a Pool Deck

Pool Deck Crack Repair

If you have a concrete pool deck it is very likely at some point in time it will require some general maintenance. Crack repair is a part of maintaining concrete.

Although trying to find the reason a pool deck is cracking is sometimes difficult it could be from soil conditions, workmanship, freeze thaw cycles or other.

Either way you will need to do the proper preparation and crack repair to prevent it from happening again.

Step 1:

The first order of business is to prepare the crack for repair. Many small cracks need to be opened to allow for the repair material to enter and fill the void. A crack chaser blade is the most effective way to open the crack. see fig 2.

Step 2:

Clean and vacuum the crack so it is clean and dry.

Step 3:

Use a quick setting high strength epoxy or polyurethane filler material to fill the crack.

Step 4:

Sprinkle some silica sand on the wet filler material to give the top coat some grip.

Step 5:

Grind and smooth out the repaired area.

Step 6:

Re-coat the area with the same material as the rest of the deck and blend in the colors.

Some epoxy and polyurethane crack filing materials come in a cartridge type tube that allows for easy blending, as well many have fine tipped applicators that act like syringes that can inject the material deep into the crack. Depending on the size and nature of the crack you may choose to use this type of applicator.

Work quickly and be ready to fill all the cracks at once as many blended epoxies and polyurethanes are designed to set up in just minutes.

Some cracks which are considered “active” cracks that are still moving may require the use of a fiber membrane and structural repair, contact your local contractor or supplier for more details on repairing these types of cracks.