The Best Garden Bed Edging

I sure would like to have edging on this bed. That is the initial thought for most homeowners. The next question is: What type of edging would look best? Some thoughts you might have:  I really have not seen anything l like or I hate the looks of the plastic stuff – it seems wavy looking and not straight or I hate to use wood because it always rots and it’s hard to install wood around curves….

Well, these are some of the reasons I started my business. I love working in my yard and making it look nice and neat. That is when I started looking into the concrete curbing business. So I bought the equipment and started installing in 2001.

Concrete edging comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. If you want to get fancy, go with one that looks like brick or just pick a color and have it installed. The basic idea about concrete edging is that no matter which style, color or finish you choose the edging does the job for what it was intended to do.

When installing, the first thing we do is lay out the design on the ground. Then we take a sod cutter or trencher and get rid of the grass where the curbing is to be installed. The vegetation or grass has to be removed. After the prep work is complete we mix the concrete in our portable mixer attached to our trailer. The trailer is pre-loaded with the sand and cement we will be using for the day. If a color has been chosen by the customer we will install the color during the mixing process. This gives the curbing color throughout the curb. Let’s not fool ourselves somewhere down the line, it might be ten years from now but a chip could occur on the curbing. With the color throughout the curbing you will barely notice a chip.

We then wheel the concrete to our curbing machine. My curbing  machine is a ram type. The curbing machine extrudes the concrete to the pre selected shape the customer has chosen. Once the curbing is in place we trowel it and add any special finishes that might have been requested.

I install tooled control joints every 42". One thing I know about concrete is that somewhere it is going to crack. The tooled control joints allow us to make the concrete crack where we want it to. In the ten years I have been installing decorative curbing I have not had one curb crack where it was not suppose to.

After installation we seal the concrete with a solvent based acrylic sealer. The sealer helps protect the curb from the enviromental elements. If you like your curb shiny looking ask your installer for two coats of sealer. There you go, nothing to it. Now you have a brand new concrete curb.

Sometimes I have homeowners that are nervous about anyone working in their yard. They might think "gosh my grass is so nice, I am afraid to pour concrete!" or " I hate to have anyone work in my yard, especially with all my plants". Well let me assure you. The only thing you will notice when we leave your yard is that you have new edging. Our machine is small enough not to mess up your grass or plants. We wheel the concrete to the machine. We do no more damage to the grass than if you were walking on it.

So, please give us a try. You won’t regret it. If you like to do things right and do it just once, then be frugal. Install the best concrete curbing. 

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