Five Great Looks with Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a popular way to jazz up outdoor space today, and with good reason. This specialized technique allows plain, grey concrete to take on the look of many others surfaces with much less maintenance involved. You can simulate the look of stone, tile or brick using the right pattern of stamped concrete. This process can give your outdoor landscape a whole new, high end look, whether it is used for your patio, walkways or a combination of the two. Check out these five great looks you can get with stamped concrete.

The Basics

A simple stamped concrete patio will provide plenty of high end luxury to your outdoor space. Most contractors have a plethora of designs to choose from, so you can find a look that will coordinate with the rest of your landscape. Choose from faux stone, brick or tile finishes. You can also opt for a more subtle pattern, like a Roman slate pattern that simply adds texture randomly all over the surface. With plenty of options in patterns and colors, you can find a customized look by simply combining the stamping pattern with the stain of your choice.

Adding a Border

Another fun technique for stamped concrete is to add a border to your project using a separate pattern and color. One attractive look is to use a basic stamped pattern across the surface of the steps or patio and then incorporate a darker border with a brick or tile pattern. To choose this look, check out photos of the styles you like and ask your concrete contractor for options and recommendations.

Adding Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate offers a totally different look in concrete, as tiny pebbles or other materials are worked into the surface of the concrete for a textured finish. When this surface is combined with a stamped concrete border, you can get a look that is ultra classy and very customized. Most concrete contractors who do stamped patterns will be experienced in exposed aggregate finishes as well, so you can have your entire project completed by a single company.

Adding Curves and Levels

The biggest advantage to working with concrete is that it can assume just about any shape you like. This means you can add plenty of graceful curves to your patio and walkways for a beautiful look in a casual landscape. Levels are also a popular look in stamped concrete, and you can even opt to finish one level in a particular pattern and another level in a complementary design.

Adding Lighting

Concrete contractors can even incorporate lighting into their stamped patios. This can be a beautiful and practical addition to an outdoor space, allowing you to illuminate steps for safety at night. Ask your concrete contractor about lighting packages available and light up your outdoor space for entertaining day and night.

Stamped concrete comes with a host of options, allowing you to customize the look you want for your outdoor living space. Talk to your contractor about the choices he provides in stamped concrete and create a luxurious living and entertaining area you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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