How to Renew Aging Concrete

Concrete may be one of the most durable surfaces, but even concrete can look old and worn in time. The good news is that there are many options in renewing concrete today that offer a brand new look for a fraction of replacement costs. You can find a technique to provide a new look to old surfaces and tie in with the rest of your outdoor living space. Check out these five tips for renewing aging concrete and bid farewell to those tired looking slabs once and for all.


Concrete resurfacing is an excellent method of bringing new life to old concrete. Washing is generally done with a power washer that can remove every speck of dirt from the surface. Cracks and pock marks can be filled with polymer concrete or epoxy filler. The overlay is usually sprayed on and then the surface can be treated with a variety of techniques like staining, stenciling or stamping. Resurfacing can look like a whole new concrete surface that will last just as long. Only you and your checkbook will know the difference.

Acid Staining

Acid staining takes advantage of the porous nature of the concrete that accepts the stain for a lovely effect. Acid staining can be used alone on a current concrete surface or used to enhance a resurfacing project along with stamping or stenciling. Due to the unpredictable nature of the stain, it is best to have a professional concrete contractor perform this task for you. The surface will need to be cleaned thoroughly and then the stain is applied. Once the stain is dry, a surface sealer is usually used to protect the stained finish.


Polishing concrete is a fairy simply process that can result in a concrete surface that is as smooth and shiny as glass. The process is completed by grinding down the surface of the concrete until the desired sheen is achieved. Polished concrete may look high maintenance, but this surface is very easy to keep up. A simple cleaning regularly is all it takes to keep this surface looking its best.


If you decide to paint a concrete surface, it needs to be prepared properly beforehand to ensure the paint adheres to the surface. It is also best to seal the painted surface so that the paint doesn’t peel up or chip. Concrete paint comes in a bright array of colors so you can dress up your concrete surface in just about any style possible.

Exposed Aggregate

This is another form of resurfacing overlay that will give a whole new look to an aging concrete surface. With this technique, small stones, tiles or pieces of glass are mixed in with the concrete before pouring. The top layer of concrete is then removed, leaving a lovely textured surface underneath. Exposed aggregate is then sealed to keep the surface in top condition.

Old concrete can get a whole new look with one of these techniques. Talk to a concrete contractor about the best methods of renewing your concrete surface to create a style you are sure to love.