The Roaring Beauty of a Concrete Fireplace

As concrete has become more decorative in outdoor spaces, it has successfully moved indoors, as well. Today, it is not uncommon to see concrete flooring and countertops in many high-end homes. Another popular interior use for concrete is around the fireplace. When this material is added to the focal point of a room, it adds modern warmth and unlimited possibilities. Check out these reasons to consider a concrete fireplace surround in your home.

Why a Concrete Fireplace Works

Concrete is an excellent complement to fireplaces because it is heat and fire resistant. Concrete also retains heat so your fireplace functions even more effectively. The ability to mold concrete into a wide variety of shapes means that you can create a unique fireplace surround that becomes a beautiful focal point of the room and an interesting conversation piece. You can also color the material to coordinate with virtually any style of home décor, allowing you to create a minimally modern piece or an inviting traditional design.

How Concrete Fireplaces Work

Because concrete can be molded to any shape and size, a concrete fireplace surround can take on many different looks. Concrete contractors who specialize in fireplace surrounds will usually have a variety of molds to choose from, as well as a palette of colors. By combining the right mold with the right hue, you can create a customized look for your fireplace that will complement the rest of your room’s design.

You can opt for traditional legs that reach up in order to hold a wide mantle, perfect for displaying your family photos. Or you can choose a much simpler, elegant design with a narrow mantle enhanced by contemporary candlesticks. By adding color, you can change the look of the mold completely. Go for a traditional white surround that makes the perfect backdrop for the warm flames and decorative pieces. Or go for an eye-popping shade that brings the unexpected into your space.

How to Begin

If a concrete fireplace sounds like the perfect solution to your decorating dilemma, begin by determining how large you want your surround to be. It is also important to take the overall design of the room into consideration so that your concrete fireplace surround will complement the rest of the room’s décor. While many see a modern design when they hear the word concrete, there are many lovely traditional molds as well.

It is also important to determine the function of your fireplace. Do you want to hang stockings for Christmas or display photos on the mantle? Will you be using the hearth for decorative objects or would you like space for seating? By knowing how you want your fireplace surround to function, you can more effectively communicate those preferences to your contractor so you can come up with the perfect design for your room.

Concrete has become the material of choice for homes that are both minimally modern and warmly traditional. Consider using concrete for your fireplace surround and the sky is the limit on your color and design choices.

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