Alternative exposed aggregate


Alternative ways of creating or exposing aggregate, include, but are not limited to:

Abrasive blasting:
This is where an abrasive, usually sand, is blasted at the surface of hardened concrete. The blasting exposes small sand and aggregate giving a rough surface texture similar to that of sand paper.

Acid etching: This is a chemical means by which an acid solution (Muriatic Acid & Water) is applied to the hardened concrete surface and etches or burns through the cement portion of the concrete. The aggregate usually the small sand bits are left exposed and give a similar look to that of a sand blasted finish.

Concrete grinding or polishing: Grinding removes the thin layer of cement paste and cuts the aggregates to a uniformly smooth surface resembling terrazzo. The surface can be a dull matt finish or, with the use of increasingly finer grinding pads, can reach a high luster.

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