Types of Driveways


Types of Driveways & Driveway Design Ideas

One of the many benefits of using concrete as a material for a driveway are the many design options. When building or remodeling, a stamped concrete driveway can be a custom work of art that will beautify your landscape and overall appearance of your property. When looking at different driveway photos, you may notice that although the material “concrete” is the same each and every finish is really quite unique. With coloration systems that include acid stain, stamped concrete overlays, color hardeners, integral colors, pigments and a variety of others, the variations and options are endless.

Although paving stones are readily available they can also eventually lead to unwanted weed growth between the joints and shifting or sinking, but this is not the case with stamped concrete or any other type of concrete slab, “when installed correctly”. A concrete slab is a continuous sheet of concrete that can have any number of fiinshes added to its surface. Typical finishes might include: Exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, acid stain, acrylic stain or dye, an engraved pattern or design, or a broom finish.

One thing is for sure, if a concrete slab is poured onto a properly prepared substrate and graded correctly, it can last indefinitely with minimal maintenance and care.

Most concrete slabs for exterior use should be sealed. Especially when they are subject to freeze and thaw cycles in colder climates. The reason for this can be explained in this video. Freeze and thaw effects on concrete.

In a nutshell the moisture that is allowed to absorb into the concrete may freeze and expand thereby cracking the concrete. A sealer system should be applied and seal off the concrete causing water to be repelled This also works great in helping to prevent oil spills, and other liquids from staining the concrete. A maintenance or re-coat should be done every couple of years to keep this protective barrier.

So if creating a new driveway or replacing and existing one is in your future, you should definitely contact a local driveway or concrete contractor and open up the doors to all of the design possibilities and options in concrete driveways.

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