Driveways – Your Options For a Decorative Finish

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Driveways can be decorative

One of the more subtle parts of a home that can lend an understated sense of elegance is the driveway.

Though many might feel a driveway is a driveway, a number of different driveway materials exist that can make a home stand out among the rest.

For homeowners looking to either lay a new driveway in their brand-new home or replace an old driveway to give the exterior of their house a new look, the following materials are among the many that can now be used for the purpose of driveways.

Asphalt: Asphalt driveways are the most common, thanks in large part to their cost effectiveness and minimal maintenance requirements. Due to that popularity, contractors can easily install an asphalt driveway.

A mixture of tar, gravel and concrete, asphalt attracts heat, making it very hot in warmer months, something parents of young children who frequently play outdoors might want to think about. Another disadvantage to asphalt driveways is that they’re oil-based and as a result flexible, making them vulnerable to cracking.

Concrete: Concrete is another very popular choice for driveways, and one that allows for more creativity than asphalt.

Whereas asphalt driveways are limited to a blue or black hue, concrete driveways can be customized to almost any color you prefer.

Though concrete driveways are tough and weather-resistant, they can stain rather easily unless a suitable sealer system is installed. With such an easy solution these driveways, might be worth it for those who prefer a more individual driveway.

Gravel or pebble: For those who enjoy driveways that remind them of historical times when horses pulled carriages up the driveways of estates, gravel or pebble is the choice for you. Among the more understated and elegant options, gravel or pebble driveways are also cost-effective and durable, in addition to requiring little maintenance.

One of the chief concerns when going with a gravel driveway is washout, where a heavy rainstorm could wash away all of a driveway’s stones. This concern can be somewhat quelled, however, by edging in the driveway with scoria rock, bluestone or a hard timber that will assist in keep the gravel or pebbles from washing away.

Cobblestone or bluestone: Though these materials are eco-friendly, they’re not wallet-friendly. Along with that, they can be a handful to maintain, as they’re prone to weeds and often require resealing. Another common problem is loose stones, which need to be replaced.

While they can be problematic, they’re among the more aesthetically appealing options, often looking exceptionally beautiful when set alongside a yard’s natural landscape. Another option is to recreate these finishes with Decorative Stamped Concrete a more cost effective and long term solution.

Brick: Brick driveways can be a sight for sore eyes. Those who have opted for brick driveways have traditionally found that their driveways have become a feature of their home. The downside, however, is cost, as brick driveways can be pricey to install, a large part of which is for labour but once again another option is to recreate these finishes with Decorative Stamped Concrete.

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