10 Driveway Design Ideas

10 Driveway Design Ideas

Turn your concrete driveway into a decorative feature.

One of the first things you or your visitors will see when pulling up to your home is your driveway.

These 10 inspiring ideas can give your driveway a refreshing design element complementing your home and individuality and even increase your property value:

1. Add color to your grey plain driveway. If you’re up for the challenge and a completely new look, perhaps a color change is in order. Adding a concrete color stain, coating or cement resurfacing system to your existing concrete driveway is an effective way to totally change its look and feel. From an elegant entryway to a dramatic feature piece, your home may never look the same. Many colors and design options are available to compliment your design and existing home.

2. Create an entrance boulder or water feature. By adding an elegant water feature you can turn your home into and estate looking property. A beautiful cascading waterfall is a great head turning element.

3. Plant shrubs and trees. By adding plants, trees and shrubs along your entryway and driveway it can create an attention grabbing element. Mixed plants and greenery can add a beautiful array of color and fragrance to your driveway and yard.

4. Lighting to set the ambiance. The warm glow of exterior lighting on a hot summers night or perhaps a radiant glow from snow flakes falling. Landscape lighting creates an impressive effect that can alter the look and feel of your entire property. Lighting can be placed at the entrance to your driveway to help guide you in or along the edges to created a lighted path. With the advent of low voltage and rechargeable lighting its easier than ever to install exterior lighting systems.

5. Rock edging. Lining your driveway with decorative stones or rock is a great way to add color and design to your driveway. By removing 1-3 feet of grass along both sides of the driveway and placing weed stop first then stone, it will add a decorative element as well as give a buffer zone for those who might run off a narrow stretch of driveway.

6. Create a decorative border. If changing the entire driveway is not doable, perhaps a decorative border or color will add just the extra touch to really make a difference. By using a coloration or resurfacing system a decorative pattern can be added with many different outcomes.

7. Build a retaining wall. By creating a decorative wall along your driveway can add character and old-world charm to your home. Use vertical stamped concrete, railroad ties, natural stone, bricks or paving stones to construct a wall that suits your decor and home.

8. Create a pattern or design by cutting or engraving a rock or stone pattern into your existing concrete surface. A common pattern is brick and can greatly improve your driveways appearance.

9. Featured boulders or stones. Place large decorative stone at the entrance or along the edges. Find a color of stone to match your environment and go for it just watch your back.

10. Completely redesign your driveway. If your driveway is beyond repair, remove it and start from scratch, a concrete contractor will have hundreds of options to choose from to totally change the look, feel and design of your property.


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