Why Use Concrete Pavers?

There are many options in patio design today, but few feature the rustic, Old World charm of concrete pavers. Today’s pavers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors so you can design a patio to complement beautifully with your outdoor space. Pavers are easy to install and exceedingly durable. The surface is low maintenance and repairs are as easy as removing the damaged paver and replacing it with another. If you are considering a material for your new patio, check out these reasons why concrete pavers are a design to consider.


Just like poured concrete, pavers can create a patio of just about any size and shape. You can go with graceful curves that will nicely into the rest of your landscape. Or you can opt for straight lines and right angles for a more formal look. This style is especially attractive with a basket weave pattern in the middle and a coordinating border along the sides. A circular patio provides a lovely space for entertaining and a focal point to your yard. You can also create walkways from your patio in the same material. Pavers allow for a wide range of shapes and styles so you can get the precise look you want in your outdoor living space.


Concrete pavers come in many different designs today. The standard red octagon is just one of many choices for your new patio. You can also go for pavers with the look of tile, brick or stone. Slate pavers are particularly lovely in a contemporary landscape while cobblestones look charming as they wind their way through a cottage garden. No matter what your style of outdoor decorating might be, concrete pavers can enhance your design and provide additional space for entertaining and relaxing.


Concrete pavers come in many different shades today, so you can find a color to coordinate with your home’s exterior. In some cases, using concrete pavers in two or more shades will create a lovely pattern across your patio surface. Another popular style is to use a singe shade of concrete pavers for a uniform look that is easy on the eye and fun to dress up. Most concrete contractors will provide their own colors and patterns, so you will need to ask the contractor you choose what he has available in his catalogue.

One of the biggest advantages to a patio made of concrete pavers is the ability of this surface to ride out various weather conditions. Because the pavers can expand and contract with ease, there is no worry about cracking when seasonal temperatures change. If one of the concrete pavers does become damaged, it is very easy to remove it and add a new paver to the design. This is a plus over poured concrete patios that can crack during weather changes and pose more challenges in the repair process. If concrete pavers sound like the perfect patio surface for you, contact a concrete contractor to find out what styles and colors are available for your outdoor project.