Rock Features and Waterfalls

Decorative Rock Features and Waterfalls

Whether it’s a grand entranceway, an inviting retreat by the pool or a beautiful landscape element, rockscapes and waterfalls are guaranteed to enhance your surroundings.

Using pre-formed molds or building from scratch, concrete artisans can replicate realistic looking and feeling rockscapes or waterfalls.

Usually working with a design element similar to that of the natural surroundings a properly crafted rockscape should blend in and flow seamlessly with its surroundings.

Rock-scapes can be used to give the interior or exterior of your environment the look and feel that can only be found in nature.

The growing trend of creating realistic landscapes and environments can be achieved by using decorative concrete and the professionals who install them.

Rock-scapes can be created using various techniques. One technique is accomplished by pouring a wet concrete mix into a mould and letting it cure. After several hours the rock-scape can be removed from the mould. The rock-scape then takes several days to cure before it is strong enough to use.

Whether it is a lush amazon mountain side or a dry and arid hillside, finding a theme and sticking to it is key in recreating your rock-scape environment. Keep in mind that surrounding elements like landscaping, paint colors and plants will make your rock-scape more convincing. If you are creating a Mojave desert look, the addition of tropical plants will break the look you are trying to achieve. When recreating an exterior rock-scape environment ensure your landscaping lends itself to your current climate conditions.

The color of your rockscape is very important as well. Ensure the rockscape professional installing your environment is aware of the look you are trying to achieve and has provided you with an agreed upon sample.



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