Designing a Concrete Rock Feature or Waterfall

Creating a realistic concrete rock feature or waterfall

When you plan an architectural design and want to include rocks, boulders or a waterfall, it is often unrealistic to go to a rock quarry and find a formation that can be disassembled, transported and then rebuilt back at the construction site. This doesn’t mean it is impossible; it is just sometimes unrealistic.

Today’s modern technology allows us to recreate what Mother Nature has spent millions of years to develop. Concrete as a medium allows an artisan the ability to design, develop and construct small or large formations of rock and add similar colors and textures to what is found in nature as long as space permits. When concrete is in its plastic state it can be stamped, carved, imprinted, texturized and molded to any shape or form.

The process of creating a rockscape can be as simple as ordering and installing a pre-formed hollow casting, to the more elaborate undertaking of creating a template out of steel rebar and wire meshing and slowly covering it with concrete to mimic a natural rock surface.

During the process of construction it is possible to add water tubing which can be pumped over the finished rock surface to create the illusion of a natural waterfall.

Lighting can be added and a variety different design elements can be used to customize it just the way you like.

A true artistic craftsman will have you and your guests believing it is nothing but a natural rock setting.


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