Epoxy Injection Concrete Crack Repair

Epoxy Injection Can Be a Good Solution for Concrete Repair

Simply because a concrete surface has a crack does not mean the entire surface needs to be removed and replaced. Concrete repair offers a way of restoring the structural properties of the surface without going to the trouble of replacing it. For most concrete repair in Ocala, epoxy injection is the preferred method. Depending on the nature of the repair project, additional reinforcement may or may not be required. Epoxy injection is a good solution because it actually has a greater degree of strength than the concrete surface itself. With that said, epoxy injection is not a good solution in situations in which there is an underlying problem in the concrete. When that is the case, even an epoxy injection will not provide a lasting solution, as the concrete will usually experience another crack in a different location.

The process of using an epoxy injection for concrete repair in Ocala begins by first cleaning the crack. This is usually done by either flushing the crack or vacuuming it to remove any contamination or dirt. It is extremely important that this step not be skipped. Next, surface cracks are sealed using an epoxy gel. This is done in order to prevent the epoxy from escaping the crack once it is injected.

Venting and injection ports are then installed before the epoxy is injected. It should be noted that high pressure should never be used, as this could actually cause the cracks to widen. After the cracks have been injected and filled with epoxy, the seals and ports are removed. Usually, this is done by grinding the surface to ensure it is even with the surface of the concrete matrix.

In cases in which the concrete is too damaged or deteriorated to be repaired with epoxy injection, it is necessary to remove any concrete that is not structurally sound. New concrete is then installed. Extreme care must be taken during this process to ensure the structure is stabilized before removing any deteriorated concrete. This is usually done by shoring. Preparation is essential to a successful outcome. It is vital to make certain no damaged concrete is left remaining.