How To Install an Epoxy Garage Flake System

The basic premise behind a color flake epoxy system is to create a random speckled pattern of multiple flake colors giving an overall uniform appearance but without the consistent monotone effect of a painted or single color.

This helps in hiding small debris, dirt, chips or dust which may end up on the floor.

The concrete which will be coated must be overall smooth and solid.

Application steps when installing a premium grade color flake system.

Step 1. Cover and protect walls and equipment.

Step 2. Clean, abrade and ready the surface for application

Step 3. Coat entire surface with 100% solids, integrally colored epoxy coating.

Let dry

Step 4. Apply a second coat of 100% solids integrally colored epoxy coating followed by an immediate broadcast of colored flake.

Let dry

Step 5. Remove any and all loose flake

Step 6. Apply clear polyurethane seal coat to lock in the flakes and create a protective barrier.

Let dry a minimum of 72 hours before allowing vehicular traffic.