Environmentally Responsible Design Trends for the Home

If you are looking to spruce up your home and want to go the environmentally-friendly route, think about implimenting concrete, as it is one of the more eco-friendly building materials for flooring and countertops. The ingredients that go into the design mix are plentiful and sometimes local to a particular region. Granite, as well as other natural stone, comes from abroad and has to be shipped here by boat; the environmental cost of quarrying and shipping can have a detrimental impact on the earth (and on your bank account). Concrete is sand-based, so that fact alone makes concrete a “green” choice. And when you add decorative components to your concrete, you can have a customized work of art that is affordable and leaves less impact on the earth. Just make sure to hire a highly-trained decorative concrete professional who has been perfecting his craft for many years.

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