Engraving and Stenciling Systems

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Engraving and Concrete Stencil Systems

When a simple colored concrete slab doesn’t satisfy your need for design, a concrete patterns, logo emblem or design will definitely take your concrete to another level.

Engraving concrete is often done with diamond cutting wheels and blades while concrete stenciling and masking is done with layers or color and cementitious materials.

Both techniques are designed to add a new level of dimension and decor to a concrete slab.

Lets take a look at the different ways of adding a pattern and design to concrete.

Decorative Masking and Stenciling: Decorative masking is an effective way of creating detailed colorful designs and patterns on many surfaces including concrete. A precise modello stencil with a one time use adhesive is placed onto the surface to be decorated. After applying color and/or cementitious materials to the surface the stencil is removed in sections revealing an intricate pattern of color and texture.

Custom Metal Inlays and Insets:
Custom cut metal insets can be added into wet concrete eventually getting set and creating a completely unique and custom feature.  Companies like Deco Metal Art can take your design concept and create insets to match your needs. 

Skilled craftsmen can layer and highlight the feature in many ways with color, texture and creative design.

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