Eco-Shine: Polished Concrete Keeps Ottawa Green

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? If you are a commercial business owner in Ottawa, installing a polished concrete flooring system is a great way to implement green building tactics at your company. Not only is concrete eco-friendly, it’s an extremely affordable commercial flooring option. In the long run, a concrete floor will save you time and money when it comes to upkeep. Think about it: Polished concrete just needs soap and water; it won’t need to be vacuumed or shampooed like carpet; and it won’t need replacing like damaged tile would; and concrete is easier on the environment than a wood flooring system.

A concrete floor at your place of business is showing your customers and employees that you are committed to the earth as well as your company’s bottom line. It just makes sense! So if you are looking to replace or install new flooring at your Ottawa business, look into a polished concrete floor today.

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