Dramatically Increasing Your Concrete Color Supply

When installing any decorative concrete, color selection will be one of the most important steps, perhaps only rivaled by the selection of the right stamped concrete mats. You can satisfy more clients, and achieve more unique designs, if you have a very wide concrete color supply, but how can you increase your color options affordably?

Find a Vendor that Can Fill Your Color Needs

You will not want to look just anywhere for concrete dyes and stains. For purchases this important, you will want to work only with suppliers that clearly have a strong reputation and that are well-established in the industry. These are generally the suppliers that have wide selections of leading brand dyes and stains.

For example, Walt Tools has a very large selection of concrete dyes from which to choose, allowing contractors to find the closest match possible to the colors they want to achieve. Not only does this website have a large selection, but they also allow consumers to select and compare products side-by-side. This makes it much easier to make a purchasing decision once you have narrowed your choices.

If you are interested in expanding your color supply, it is also important to work with a vendor that can consistently provide you with the concrete stain or dye of your choice at low and affordable prices.

 Experimenting with Your Colors and Getting Creative

Testing decorative concrete dyes and acid stains can be one of the most fun parts of the job. You can create an infinite number of colors by combining different dyes with one another, or applying one, allowing it to dry, and applying a different color dye.

The same can be accomplished with a concrete stain. You can add two different stains together before applying them to the concrete, or layer them one on top of the other. Remember that concrete acid stains change colors due to chemical reactions in the concrete, and not all surfaces will react the same. Therefore, the colors you achieve with the same stain on two different surfaces may not be identical.

 Always Test Before You Apply

If you have a client that has his or her heart set on a very particular color, always test your concrete dyes or your stain on a small test area before covering the entire surface.  Allow your test concrete stain to set for a significant amount of time, as it can take hours for the color to finish changing.