Does Stamped Concrete Look Like Real Stone and Brick

Stamped Concrete Can mimic natural finishes but more importantly can allow you to create your own unique natural finish and colors not possible in nature.

Stamped Concrete like other man made finishes does rely on the quality of installation, installers abilities, precision of the stamp mats used, and color selections.  There are some very bad looking stamped concrete jobs out there but I would like to think the majority of them out there are pretty realistic and done with pride.  If you pick a natural stone finish that you are trying to mimic, your stamp concrete contractor will know how to use the right color scheme, color layers, stamp mat patterns and finishes to best replicate it.

A skilled stamped concrete contractor, (one who specializes in the field) not a concrete placer and finisher with no experience will be your best bet.

Stamped concrete is a technical process as well as an artistic one.  The best way to get great results is to do your homework and due diligence before hiring, shop around and get multiple bids and look at previous work, go and visit their jobs to see how they are holding up.  It is up to you to make sure your contractor has the aesthetic finish you expect.

Confident, skilled and experienced contractors tend to charge a little more than someone trying to build their portfolio but it could be well worth the extra money for the permanent finish you are going to be investing in.

You can be assured high quality results will last for ages and make you a proud owner of your stamped concrete finish.


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