Designing with Polished Concrete

The design opportunities of polished concrete are nearly endless. While some businesses opt for a simple highly polished natural surface, other applications call for more dramatic results. The two most popular design features are scoring and staining.

Scoring the concrete by cutting radial lines, grids, bands, borders or other patterns in the substrate creates visual interest, breaking up an otherwise endless expanse. Scoring can also be used to create zones in the flooring resulting in better flow and functionality of the workplace. Logos and other brand artwork can also be scored into the floor to create an aesthetic that is unique to that particular business.
Stains and dyes are used to incorporate color into the floor. Color can be uniform, variegated or can be used inside scoring lines to create dramatic effects. The polishing process enhances the richness and reflectivity of the color.

If you are planning to polish concrete that has not yet been poured there are numerous other design enhancing options to consider. Objects can be “seeded” into the mix during the finishing process. These objects then become visible and are an integral part of the floor. For example, colored aggregate, stone pieces, colored glass fragments and even unusual objects such as nails, computer chips or other metallic items can all be included to give a completely unique look to your floor.

The beauty of polished concrete is limited only be the imagination of the designer, couple that with the long-wearing durability, cost effectiveness and nearly maintenance free upkeep, makes polished concrete the best choice for commercial applications.


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