Designer Concrete Countertops

Concrete a Solid Choice in Counters, Vanities and Tabletops

Today’s designers and home owners are finding a new option in Countertop and Tabletop design.  The new material of choice is Concrete, and although that may surprise you, even more surprising is what you can do with this wonderfully customizable material.

Currently the options for countertops are generally, Granite, Formica, Wood, Resinous (like Corian™) or Tile.  Concrete is the only 100% customizable choice.  Specially engineered super durable concrete is used, providing any number of finish options,  including but not limited to textured, smooth, polished, embedded items, fiber optics, straight, contoured, integral sinks, washboards, and much more.

Although concrete offers new choices for countertop surfaces it does this without sacrificing the integrity or durability of the countertop itself.

As we take a closer look into using sustainable materials and become more Environmentally responsible we can’t deny the fact that an attractive reason we choose concrete for a countertop is the fact that each countertop is fabricated by a local craftsman/artisan and is supporting your local economy.

All this aside Concrete is one the most attractive and durable countertop materials available and it is well worth taking a good hard look at this solid surface countertop material.

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