Decorative Concrete Supplies That Make a Difference

As concrete wears and ages there comes a time when you need make the decision of either tearing it out or fixing it. Fixing concrete these days has become easier with the advent of decorative concrete products. Designed to harden, repair, patch and resurface old concrete.


Concrete Stamps

No list of decorative concrete supplies is complete without listing stamps. These are some of the main reasons concrete has seen even more popularity as an option for patios and walkways. Whether you’ll be installing concrete floors outside or inside, stamps are what you want to get that perfect natural stone look.

No matter what style you’re looking for, stamps can pull it off. Want your floor to look like hardwood? Cobblestone? Tile? Pour your concrete and use a stamp to imitate whatever material you want. Depending on the look you’re going for, there will most likely be extra surface colors necessary to get the right decor. You’ll also want to use a top quality release agent to make sure the stamps don’t stick.

Border Rollers

Your decorative concrete supplies should also include a reliable border roller, as well. This is an extremely easy way to get a great border around your decorated concrete. These devices work much the same way as stamps except they are curved into a roller shape. So all you need to do is roll them over the perimeter of your floor where you want the border.


Once the design is in place, you’ll want a stain in your collection of decorative concrete supplies. Stains add a completely new dimension to concrete. In fact, you may even elect to forego a design and simply let a stain handle all the style.

Stains come as acid or water-based. Both are umbrellas for a number of different types, so you’ll want to do your research before adding a stain to your decorative concrete finish. If you want color and translucence, an acid-based stain will probably be your best bet. Water-based versions can still provide some great looks and in a way that is generally considered to be more environmentally friendly. Either way, your concrete will look better for it.


Although this is probably the most boring item on the list, sealers are no less important to a complete list of decorative concrete supplies. Imagine doing all that work to make your concrete the talk of the neighborhood only to see it all waste away thanks to the elements, foot traffic or a combination of the two. Be sure that your concrete project ends with a sealer placed on top of it.

Don’t sell concrete short on what it can do for the appearance of your home or business. Just make sure you have the right supplies to give it a chance.