Decorative Concrete Driveways

First impressions
The home driveway is often the first thing homeowners and visitors see when they come upon a house. When the driveway is attractive and in good shape, visitors and homeowners are impressed. When a driveway is in disrepair, other thoughts come to mind. One of the most popular types of driveways used today is the concrete driveway. Here are some reasons why.

For decades, concrete has been one of the most popular choices for driveways. This surfacing material is long lasting and very sturdy, even under heavy traffic conditions. When concrete driveways are compared in cost to other types of driveways, the cost difference can be substantial. Concrete is one of the most affordable materials available, and this is a major reason it is so often used. In addition, when professional driveway contractors are employed concrete is fast and easy to apply to the site.

In the past, one of the disadvantages to concrete driveways was that they were rather bland and boring to look at. It is true that a smooth, properly installed concrete driveway has clean and sharp lines, lending to a home’s curb appeal, but, still, concrete was concrete.
Today, however, that has changed. Homeowners can now add color to their concrete. This is done through the addition of dyes during the mixing process. The dyes are added while the concrete is wet and when mixed provide a consistent color throughout.

For those who already have a concrete driveway installed and cured, there are color preparations that can be applied to the surface of the concrete to give it a new, fresh look.
Concrete driveways can also be given a totally unique look by employing different masking techniques. During this process, colors can be intermixed in virtually unlimited numbers of patterns and designs.

Concrete stamping is yet another way to brighten up the driveway. As the wet concrete is setting up, special steel stamping tools are used to imprint the surface with various types of patterns. These patterns can range from faux cobblestones to tiles to antique slate. When this process is performed by trained professionals the results can be amazing. Colors can also be added as part of the stamping process, giving the drive a truly textured and stunning appearance.
One more option for sprucing up a concrete driveway that is being installed is to add other materials to the wet concrete. As the concrete is poured, open areas can be left along the edges of the driveway, down the center, or anywhere on the driveway for that matter. Once the concrete has set up, the wooden forms are removed and filled in with stone, bricks, pavers, cobbles, or other suitable materials.

All in all, concrete driveways are often an excellent choice for homeowners who want a very stable driveway at an affordable price. As you might imagine, this is not the type of project that most homeowners should undertake. Contact a licensed driveway contractor when you are ready to add that concrete driveway.