Custom Pool Design

Custom Pool Designs at Malibu Hotels Create a Huge Advantage over the Competition

Hotels used to draw in travelers by offering them well-appointed rooms in a great location, but in the internet age, guests often research their intended destinations online before making reservations.

Although this is true everywhere, in a tourist destination like Malibu, your hotel guests’ experience is impacted greatly by their first impressions. One of the primary means of booking a hotel room is to do so through an online website, and often these websites feature a picture of the hotel along with the price as the first things guests will see. Potential hotel guests will make a snap judgment based on how attractive these images are.

Custom pool designs can be enticing draws, especially for guests visiting a tourist-dense area like Malibu. Guests will inevitably compare their first impressions that come from photos with their actual experience at your hotel, so dazzling them with a pool can significantly influence their overall experience in a way that determines whether they will be repeat guests.

In a place like Malibu, where many hotels are trying to compete for guests, it is hard to make your hotel stand out when compared to others. The fine touches that a custom pool can offer may help your hotel stand out among the competition.

Although a small number of guests actually use hotel pools for swimming, a greater majority use the pool area for lounging. Custom pool designs that consider this will provide guests with more than simply a swimming space. To offer an advantage over the competition, pools and their surroundings should offer guests an environment to relax in. Whether guests book a hotel online or in person, a visually stunning pool and its accompanying landscape can make all the difference.