Custom Pool Design

How a Custom Pool Design in Santa Monica Attracts Hotel Guests

It is incredible how a swimming pool can be the selling point of a hotel. The order in which potential guests explore a hotel is they first look at the rooms and then they look at the pool before checking out the rest of the amenities. Because most people don’t have custom pools at home, they look for something special when they are away from home. This is why it is worth looking into the custom pool designs Santa Monica is known for. If you integrate one of these designs into your hotel, you will certainly attract more hotel guests.

What to Know about Custom Pools

A custom pool differs greatly from your typical swimming pool, and this is because it is custom built rather than prefabricated and installed like your typical vinyl pool. Custom pool designs that Santa Monica hotels and establishments tend to opt for include concrete, tile, and a variety of pool features. Pool features include such elements as waterfalls, fountains, jets, fire pots, fire pits, and light features. You want your pool to stand out more than pools at other hotels in the area. You want it to be an experience that your guests talk about for a long time.

Creating the Ideal Experience

Custom pool designs that Santa Monica hotels opt for are a reflection of the hotel and can even be a complement to the architecture of the building. If the hotel has a rustic design, then it makes sense for the pool to have a rustic design. It’s all about creating an experience and not just a place where people can dive in and float. It’s about giving them something that makes them feel special so that they will choose your hotel every time they come to Santa Monica.