Concreteform Wood Bartop

Create a Perfect Man Cave in Your New York City Home with a Concrete Wood Bar

Ah, every man’s dream, to have his own space in a beautiful New York City home, and one with a custom concrete wood bar. Talk about entertaining friends in style or impressing a new girlfriend. Even when relaxing with a refreshing cocktail after a long day at work, this feature is a perfect addition for enhancing the interior space.

Depending on the size and layout of your New York City home, as well as the size of the gatherings you typically host, you could go with a simple concrete wood bar or choose a unique wraparound design. Either way, when paired with comfortable seats and a stock of premium liquors and beers, your man cave will become everyone’s favorite hangout place.

If you have limited space, no problem. A custom concrete wood bar with a corner design is ideal. However, if you have enough room, you could go all out by adding a large, flat screen television, posters of your favorite sports players, a nice stereo system, and possibly a gorgeous pool table. Even if you do a lot of entertaining of clients, your man cave is sure to make a statement.

The great thing about a

Concrete wood bartop

Concrete wood bartop

is that while made from concrete, it looks like genuine wood. The artisan JM Lifestyles creates a design and uses the appropriate color to match the species of wood you prefer, whether oak, mahogany, pine, walnut, cherry, and so on. In fact, you can even choose a bar that looks just like distressed wood.

However, a concrete wood bar has even more appealing benefits. Made using superior quality material, it will last a lifetime. Also, this type of bar resists things like stains, abrasions, impact, grease, and many other things that typically damage real wood. If someone spills a glass of wine or accidentally drops something when the other team scores, the bar will hold up beautifully.