Cost Savings of Concrete Resurfacing in Austin

When the time comes to fix up your concrete patio, driveway, pool deck or pathway, some considerations should be taken into account.  Like many other outdoor finishes in Austin, decorative concrete can be sunbeaten and faded.   Some concrete surfaces seem old but are simply dirty and could use a pressure washing, cleaning and resealing.

If your concrete surface is simply old and plain you might consider resurfacing it with a decorative coating or topping system.  Austin based concrete resurfacing experts  Sundek of Austin are specialists in the rejuvination and refinishing of concrete.

The cost of resurfacing a concrete surface is much better and less intrusive than jack hammering it out and starting from scratch.  You will find a cost savings of almost 50% versus tearout and redo.

With thin cementitious coatings and a wide range of color and design choices, Sundek of Austin and sister company Sundek of San Antonio have made a business out of helping Austin’s and central Texas residents and businesses say goodbye to old, dirty concrete and hello to clean, new and revived decorative concrete finishes.

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