What is Concrete Wood?

Wood is a highly prized material for furniture, floors, countertops and more due to its extreme versatility and classically elegant appearance. The issue with wood, however, is that it can be hard to maintain and come at a cost to the environment. Concrete wood aims to solve this problem by offering concrete that truly appears to be wood unless you get close and touch the surface. Many people have their doubts, but this concrete can look exactly like wood.

How Concrete Wood Is Made

The exact methods for creating concrete wood can be somewhat secretive but will vary greatly by manufacturer, most often concrete is manipulated with customized forms, stamping, staining, or a combination of all.

How to Use It

Concrete wood is especially popular for tables tops,  countertops  and furniture, This might include dinning tables, chairs, and benches. It can be used in any location where you would normally use wood, but it is even more versatile than lumber. Because concrete wood is made from concrete, there is no worry about potentially damaging it when it is exposed to water, making it an option for your pool bar, kitchen countertop, vanity and more.

Benefits of Concrete Wood

Choosing to use Woodform concrete will offer significant advantages over using actual lumber. The ability to resist water damage not only means that you can use it in wet locations, but also allows you to leave concrete wood furniture outside on your patio even when it is raining, with no need to cover it up.

Concrete wood is available even if the species of tree is rare or protected in many cases as the form is made once but the casting can be replicated over and over.  Because it is so versatile it can be stained and patterned in any way, it is even possible to replicate expensive or endangered wood using concrete, giving you options you would not otherwise have. Best of all, as it is concrete, this material is incredibly easy to maintain using basic soap and water.